Thursday, January 4, 2007

Savayya (vermicelli noodles)

Its a sweet dish made with milk and toasted vermicelli noodles.
The post describes the way I cook it.

Ingredients :
a) Vermicelli noodle.
b) Milk.
c) Cane Sugar.
d) Ghee / Butter / Edible Oil.
e) Cardamom.
f) Cashew nut.
g) Raisin.
h) Chuhara .

Proportion of vermicelli and Milk is important. 1 liter of milk is only sufficient to cook less than 100gms of vermicelli depending on the thickness of milk u want in final recipe.

01. Roast the vermicelli till brown in Ghee or Butter or Oil.
02. Cut dry fruits(f,g,h) in small pieces. Can add different dry fruits depending on taste.
03. Boil milk with dry fruits pieces and 2-3 flakes of cardamom.
Easy way of stopping milk from spilling is to either keep it stirring or boil on light flame.
04. Even if boiling on light flame, stir milk periodically. You will find milk cream to stick on
sides of the container as milk boils further. Scratch these from sides and mix them well in
the milk. This cream finally adds taste to your recipe.
05. Let the milk boil till it start turning yellowish. This is the sign that a sufficient amount of
water has evaporated and milk has become somewhat thick.
You have Just finished with a milk recipe. You can just freeze this milk for sometime and serve cold after garnishing with peanut and almond.
06. Add roasted vermicelli.
07. Add cane sugar to taste.
08. Stir well and let the vermicelli cook in milk.
09. Further boiling will cook vermicelli noodle and make the milk thicker.
10. Stop boiling when vermicelli is cooked and mix is sufficiently thick.
Some people may like a thin mix than a thick one.

Love adds taste to food. Serve the sweet recipe with all love.

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